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Recovery Made Easy

We understand that you or your loved one may need support after a surgery, procedure, or treatment. We provide day surgery services, where the caregiver drives the individual to the surgery facility. The caregiver can stay with you or loved one until the procedure is finished. Afterwards, the caregiver can drive the individual home.

Care may need to continue beyond the day of the surgery, and our trained and experienced caregivers can pick up medications and prescriptions, prepare meals, and aid in personal care services such as bathing and dressing. Our caregivers will also encourage the individual to perform any exercises prescribed by a Physical Therapist once it is safe to do.
Our caregivers are focused on the well-being and safety of the patient. Clients that have received post-surgery care from us have expressed they have been comforted by having our caregiver’s assistance during this difficult time.

Joint Replacement

After joint replacement surgery, recovery may take several days or even weeks and more intensive care may be needed. Ardent Care Caregivers can assist you or your loved one while they are healing. The caregiver can encourage the client to perform home exercises prescribed by the physical therapist. The caregiver can encourage proper nutrition and hydration as well as give reminders to take medication to help the client recover.


Laser eye surgery, such as cataract surgery and other vision procedures, can make it difficult to live without assistance for a few hours or even days. Ardent Care Caregivers understand these complications and can provide transportation services, meal preparation, and other forms of assistance for those undergoing difficulty seeing.

Heart Surgery

Ardent Care understands that you may need trustworthy in-home services following invasive surgery such as major heart surgery. There is usually a 6-8 week recovery time for such procedures. We can be there for you on the day of discharge and throughout your period of healing. We can assist with pain management as well as with assistance with bathing and dressing. We can also run errands for you since, many times, driving is prohibited after such procedures.


When a person undergoes oral or maxillofacial surgery, their independence can be temporarily restricted. Planning for support in the hours or days following such a procedure is advisable. Caregivers can help with organizing and preparing modified meals. They can also provide medication reminders. These measures will help in the healing process for the individual.

Postnatal Care

Having a new baby and becoming a parent is an exhilarating and proud time in a parent’s life, but it can also be one of the most exhausting times of life. Ardent Care can assist you during this time. We can provide a caregiver who can assist you at home by helping you with your everyday chores and more.

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Our goal is to serve you and your family in the best way possible. We will do all we can to ensure your loved one is safe and well cared for. Our caregivers enable our clients to become as independent as possible in the comfort of their homes through our home care in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

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