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Improve Your Well-Being With Exercise

Exercise knows no age limit. Whatever age group you are in, it benefits your breathing, balance, and strength. It also helps in increasing your heart rate and maintaining or managing your weight.

However, exercise or any physical activity doesn’t have to be extreme and done for long hours regularly. If you are an older adult, you can dedicate at least two hours of physical activity a week, and this can already help strengthen your lungs and heart.

In addition, because exercise improves your balance and maintain your body’s center of mass, it decreases your risk of falling or getting into accidents due to mobility issues. If you are planning to get into exercising or any physical activity, it will be helpful to hire a caregiver who can provide companionship in Illinois.

With our caregiver in DuPage County, Illinois, you can explore balance exercises like yoga or tai chi. They can also ensure your safety to prevent hospitalization. Fall-related injuries take time for post-hospitalization recovery.

Exercise also strengthens your muscles, allowing you to independently enjoy your daily activities and personal care. As a result, you can feel more confident and maintain a positive mood. Physical activities such as climbing the stairs and dancing are good strength-focused exercises.

Ardent Careis passionate about serving our patients and their families with comfort and quality care. Experience high-quality home care in Bloomingdale, Illinois that goes above and beyond the call of duty. With our trained caregivers, you can achieve prime health and enjoy your golden years. We look forward to helping you stay independent while receiving a hands-on approach from our caregivers.

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